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The eCommerce Challenge: Fresh Content for Search Engines

What makes a search engine great? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Instead of pondering, perhaps stressing, over how your site is ranking these days - ask yourself one simple question: If I started a search engine company then how would I become a prominent player in the market?

After some thought, you would probably come up with all kinds of ideas ranging from a slick interface to how fast your search engine could crawl the Web. But what is going to keep people coming back? You may answer, "relevant search results, of course."

OK, now define relevant. Does relevant mean any old resource out there about any topic that is searched for? What is your ranking technique to determine relevance? Is a resource that is five years old more relevant than a resource that was added one hour ago?

The major player in the search engine market, Google, and all others trying to pick up the slack can only be effective and competitive as search providers by providing the freshest content out there.

Think about it. Is relevance really determined by the often over ambitious phrase "search engine friendly pages"? As a search provider, are you really going to leave it up to the millions of Website owners out there to steer your ship? Giving them outstanding rankings for building search engine friendly pages?

And what about industry parody? Everyone and their brother knows how to build search engine friendly pages making every Website out there selfsame.

The major players in the market, in order to remain positioned, can only do so by serving up the freshest content out there. Penalizing a Website for having a little of this, that, or the other out of order by "search engine friendly" standards only penalizes them. Who wants a bunch of old resources for current topics?

While the basic, fundamental things to make your Website search engine friendly are still important, it is all about freshness of content these days and that will likely never change. For eCommerce store owners, this presents challenges as most eCommerce stores do not have much in the way of opportunity for adding new content. But they must find ways because search engine friendly just is not going to be enough for the eCommerce store owner to achieve excellent ranking and sustain it.

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